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Tomer Sery was born in 1968 in Kibbutz Sdot Yam where he lives and creates to this day, an unusual figure of a painter, musician and repentant in the kibbutz landscape. Tomer has a studio in the kibbutz where he creates and teaches. His childhood was a normal childhood in a kibbutz, a children’s home, school, high school and the army, but beyond that, painting and music was always a part of him and the search for the essence of “simplicity”. During his studies at High School, he began studying with the painter Aviva Shemer for two years. After his military service he went to the USA and Mexico where he continued to study, paint and exhibit, from there Tomer continued his search for his artistic path in the Netherlands and there he also presented solo and group exhibitions and managed to make a living from his art, but the search was still not complete. After 10 years of traveling Tomer returned to his kibbutz and his teacher Aviva shemer for a period of study that lasted seven years in which he learned to deeply explore the “simple” things – withered leaves, houses, paths of his childhood and faceless people . With his music Tomer sery calls his art “A search for the beauty and the true essence of “simplicity”¬†in¬†everything”.